Do you need an ally in the writing or editing process who can give you an edge with polished communication?


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It’s crowded out there, and you are only as good as your words. Let me help you engage your audience through unique, purposeful communication.

I help businesses and individuals execute a variety of written communications.

Pricing is listed at the bottom of the page.

For Businesses

I provide writing and editing services for businesses that want an edge through polished communication.

With ten years of experience writing for scientific, energy, and eco-friendly fields, I can fluently adapt technical language and concepts to understandable explanations for the public. My work has been presented to a variety of audiences, from high school students to the educated public to stakeholders in the energy industry. 

I can:

  • Draft technical and journalistic documents, press releases, award applications, and articles that highlight successes in research programs and spotlight researchers
  • Develop promotional and informational material for use in both web and print applications
  • Write and edit feature articles and blogs for print and the web
  • Provide copyediting, proofreading, and formatting support for technical and academic papers

My background working with reseachers at a national laboratory has also given me the experience needed to edit technical works written in English by non-English speakers. I have assisted non-English-speaking scientists to develop professional papers that appear in peer-reviewed journals.

For Individuals 

I have experience developing resumes and LinkedIn profiles and copyediting graduate theses, among other projects.

For Authors

My personal experience with self-publishing helps me guide authors in their own publishing journeys. I perform copyedits and developmental edits of creative writing and provide consulting services at any point in your manuscript development, whether you intend to self-publish or query agents. 

I have experience with desktop publishing and self-publishing six of my own books, using two different self-publishing venues. I also converted my novel files to be available on e-reader. Check my books link for examples of my own work: children’s, middle grade fantasy, and women’s literature.

For Communicators and Educators

As part of my mission to help others develop their own effective communication, I blog about writing and editing topics. I also speak to groups and at schools about my personal experience with writing and editing my books, as well as effective communication topics.

For Book Clubs

If you are part of a book club and live near Washington, PA, please contact me about using one of my books. I would be happy to speak to your group!


Some pricing is listed below. If you don’t see the work you are developing listed below, please contact me for a quote.

  • Blog post, article, or website or marketing material: $100 for writing 400-800 words (includes 2 drafts); $150 for writing 800-1200 words (includes 2 drafts); $40 for copyediting or developmental editing* 400-1000 words (includes 2 drafts); $80 for copyediting* 1000-1500 words (includes 2 drafts); $100 for developmental editing* 1000-1500 words (includes 2 drafts); request quotes for longer works; add $20 for extensive research on any size blog, determined in advance of writing
  • Press releases: $60 for writing (includes interview or review of short written material to base press release on and 2 drafts); $30 for copyediting* (includes 1 draft)
  • Resume: (pricing to come)
  • LinkedIn profile: $150 to rewrite summary and current job description, includes phone interview and 2 drafts
  • Graduate thesis: copyedit only $0.01/word (includes 2 drafts)
  • Book: $0.07/word for developmental editing (includes 2 drafts with redlines and notes, weekly update emails for longer works); $0.02/word for copyediting (includes 2 drafts with redlines)

*Add $20 for ESL editing.

Consultation: Need some one-on-one guideance on your writing project?

I charge $75/hour for consulting, and I can meet with you over the phone or in person. To start your project, I can help you plan an outline of steps to develop your own written communication, or I can help guide you through certain parts of your project, discussing what direction you want to take with the information you are providing your audience.