In grad school, I wrote one chapter in the middle grade fantasy series Martina Mackenzie for a project where we were asked to develop works inspired by visual arts. I chose Liza Phoenix‘s fantasy paintings because I had written short stories and poetry for years, but I had never written anything in the fantasy genre. I found it so interesting that I felt compelled to write a longer work. 

And I never stopped writing.

The first two books in my Martina Mackenzie series, The Diana’s Eye and The Enchanted Carousel, placed as finalists in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards, with The Diana’s Eye ranking in the top 100.

My humorous women’s book, Confessions of the Editor Brigand, has been called a, “page-turner [that] delights those who love a fabulous chick lit book in conjunction with a properly utilized semi-colon.” (Dr. Shellie Hipsky, author, owner of Inspiring Lives, LLC, and founder/president of the Global Sisterhood)




Middle Grade Fantasy


When she opened the music box, Martina never imagined it would lead her on a wild adventure to save a world that she never knew existed—a world that had been secretly watching hers for thousands of years.

Mysterious happenings that interrupt the life in perfect Sheardland lead the trio on a hunt for the Diana’s Eye—one of eight orbs that hold the moon in orbit—and the creatures thought to have stolen it, who were previously thought to be extinct. Can Martina and her friends navigate Sheardland in time to save its ancient races . . . without use of magic?

This is the first in the series of 6 Martina Mackenzie adventures.

Want to hear an excerpt from this book? Martina Mackenzie: The Diana’s Eye

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9781441433435 coverA strange creature in the forest . . . A septet of mystical amulets . . . A beautiful enchanted carousel . . . Martina, Heath, and London must figure out how they are connected to a greater mystery in time to prevent Sheardland from completely falling under the carousel’s spell.

The second installment of the Martina Mackenzie series promises more magical mystery as Martina, Heath, and London return to Sheardland and search for the Bloodstone Amulet. Meanwhile, a strange feeling is overwhelming the inhabitants of Sheardland, and somehow, the enchanted carousel is at the root of it all.

Will the trio discover the carousel’s secret before a dangerous secret society makes their intentions known?

Want to hear an excerpt from this book? Martina Mackenzie: The Enchanted Carousel

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9781441433596 front coverAn Elfin queen’s curse sears through the ages as the secret society that threatens Sheardland’s existence burns to find out what else lies in her tomb. By the end of the tale, Rhihalven, Elves, Fairies, and humans have all become involved as they grapple for control of a key, long-forgotten wisdom, and an ancient secret.

With the discovery of Mr. Willoughby’s diary in this third book of the Martina Mackenzie series, the trio sets off on yet another wild adventure in Sheardland. Will the trio find the missing earth key before it falls into the wrong hands? Can a curse from long before the elemental laws smolder on forever? Martina, Heath, and London discover more of Sheardland’s secrets as they struggle to continue Mr. Willoughby’s work without getting caught in the inferno.

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9781441433770 Front Cover

A cursed dagger.  A shipwrecked crew.  A mysterious, glowing island.  Shards of the tale appear in an ancient book under the name of a famous Rhihalven storyteller, and Martina, Heath, and London take it as a call to return to Sheardland.

The blade is shrouded in enchantment—and imbibed with a curse. But just who in Sheardland knows about the blade and what it was created to do?

Martina and her friends vow to find the dagger and destroy it, but the ancient sage Amara’s life seems mysteriously intertwined with that of the blade.  With so much at stake, the trio must outwit the magic folk and prevent the dagger from destroying both worlds.

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Women’s Humor

9781441435255 Cover - Front

Enjoy humorous books about determined editors who slink through the night with their red pens of righteousness?

Zhanna—a grammarian, compulsive spellchecker, and young copy editor—simmers when her expert redlines are questioned. Clad in black, she becomes the ultimate grammar guardian, the Editor Brigand, scouring the streets for misspellings and bad grammar, which she corrects with a vengeance. Between her fits of perfectionism, she combs a dating website as a distraction, vaguely hoping to find that special someone whose profile isn’t wrought with misspellings, or just ludicrous. Will she ever find the balance between demanding excellence and risking her life to create it?

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Front Cover

A comedic epic poem for elementary-age children, The Knight and the Ninjas features dragons, warriors, and a fair princess but not your standard medieval plot.

Sir Alberic Peacock—a brawny and brave knight—is charged by the king and queen to rescue the princess from a dragon’s lair. But his clumsiness gets in the way, and a magic mirror transports him to a strange land where ninjas slink in the night.

The clink-clank of Sir Alberic’s armor proves troublesome, but the group is determined to accomplish both their rescue missions. Can they overcome their fears—and Sir Alberic’s two great flaws—so the knight, the ninjas, and their unlikely friend can live happily ever after?

Want to hear an excerpt from this book? The Knight and the Ninjas

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In Progress

Currently, I am working on the fifth book in the Martina Mackenzie series and a book about two little girls who meet snow faries. The working title for the children’s book is The Lace of Snowflakes.