071316_The Secret Scoop on Effective InterviewingMany writers will need to interview someone someday, either for an article, blog, or book. The trick is knowing how to get the information you seek without wasting your time or the expert’s.

Interviewing someone isn’t that different from doing research to gather information. When I’m planning for an interview, I always consider the word count I’m shooting for and what point I want to make with the article. Then, I do a little background research on the topic so I know what to ask about.

Once you know the length and the direction you will take, start writing your questions, and don’t be stingy. Write a lot! Do questions that will get long answers, no just “yes” or “no.” Write some questions that can build on each other. Lead the interviewer in the direction you want to go with the chat. Continue reading

Why You FeelRecently, I’ve been talking to a lot of people about what they have trouble writing, and the same answers keep popping up. One of these answers is “myself.”

It’s tough writing when you feel like it’s all about yourself. It feels dirty. It feels conceited. It feels wrong.

The problem is a little deeper than just struggling to find the right words or knowing what direction to take, though. A fine line lies between discussing your achievements and bragging, and so many people feel like they look conceited when they mention their education or awards or years of experience in a certain field. Though we should be proud of what we have achieved and how we can benefit others with our knowledge, we may feel like we are boasting and, consequently, feel like we will be judged.  Continue reading

070416_Birthday & SaleWinning CombinationWoohoo! Today’s my birthday!

We aren’t up to much today. Just hanging out with family and enjoying my little sweeties.

However, I had important information to share!

Smashwords, which sells the eBook versions of my novels, is having a huge sale this month! That means that my books, as well as tons of others are on sale up to 75% off.

My Martina Mackenzie series (middle grade fantasy) and Confessions of the Editor Brigand (women’s humor) are only $0.99 apiece for a variety of eBook formats till July 31, so pop over to my page.

If you like the book, please don’t forget to leave a review! Help me spread the word, so I can keep writing. I love it!

Thank you!

062216_Plain Language, Please!Be Clear and Concise to Keep Your Audience (2)
I’m not suggesting that you dumb it down! Your audience is smart and savvy, but it’s possible that they aren’t down with all the high-level techno-speak.

When I worked on government contracts, we were encouraged to use plain language in our communications with the general public. The work that we did was highly technical, which meant that the scientists wanted to geek out (who wouldn’t!) and talk about their nano-particles, electron microscopes, and other lab equipment, catalysts, byproducts, etc. like they would with their comrades every time they wrote. Continue reading

061506_Refine your Tone and Style to Connect with Readers EffectivelyAbout a month ago, I followed a guy on Twitter and received an auto-direct message thanking me for following him. I always read direct messages and try to connect with people who I have something in common with. Most messages are a simple “thank you,” but occasionally, the person talks a little about what they do. This particular guy told me that I should check out his blog because he writes the only “real” blog with advice for writers. Continue reading

Guest Post for Author A.M. Rycroft

Since dark fantasy author A.M. Rycroft was kind enough to let me guest blog on her site Writing in a Dark Room, I wanted to share it on here.

Please check out my guest post How Do You Know What Questions to Leave Unanswered for Readers?

A.M. just released her latest novel, The Taming, which has already garnered stellar reviews. If you like dark fantasy, check out the description on her Titles page.

(Incidentally, she also writes excellent descriptions of her novels, so if you are struggling with your own, review her style.)

060816_Choose Your Words Carefully to Rock Your Purpose Like a ProEvery word you write has a purpose. Make sure that you are driving people back to you, the expert, to solve their problems!

Tweet this: Every word you write has a purpose. Make sure that you are driving people back to you, the expert, to solve their problems! coriwamsley.com/blog

Fiction authors, you may not think this includes you, but when you write a book, you officially have a business, and writing for a business is a little different from writing a story. Anyone writing for their businesses has to be able to hook the audience and clearly define their purpose to achieve their goals. Continue reading

052516_Release Your Inner Editor BrigandI’ll let everyone in on a little secret. Like my character the Editor Brigand, I adore editing, and like many authors, I could spend an eternity tweaking and preening my text to perfection. However, I know that most people don’t have the time or desire to do this, so I’m presenting my tips for editing a variety of text (from social media postings to award applications to novels and yearly reports) to help you know what to look for to groom your text to perfection and move on. Continue reading