052516_Release Your Inner Editor BrigandI’ll let everyone in on a little secret. Like my character the Editor Brigand, I adore editing, and like many authors, I could spend an eternity tweaking and preening my text to perfection. However, I know that most people don’t have the time or desire to do this, so I’m presenting my tips for editing a variety of text (from social media postings to award applications to novels and yearly reports) to help you know what to look for to groom your text to perfection and move on. Continue reading

051716_Banish Writers BlockOver the last few days, I developed a blog post for a fellow writer’s blog. I spent more time on it than I do for my own blog, which is funny to me, but I wanted to make sure it was appropriate for her audience and essentially didn’t let her down. I also have been listening to webinars in the afternoon (every afternoon, yikes!) about developing online courses, which I’m very excited about. Consequently, though, my creative juices were waning, and when I sat down to write this week’s blog, I was greeted with crickets. Continue reading

051116_How to Become a Better WriterMost writers know that following up with an edit will help you catch your mistakes, but what if you already know what mistakes you frequently make? How can you truly stop something that you probably aren’t thinking about as you are writing? Is there a way to prevent those mistakes to begin with? How do we correct our own fatal writing flaws? Continue reading

050416_5 Stellar Ways to Write Relatable CharactersOn April 27, I had the privilege of speaking at Kiski Area High School (near Pittsburgh, PA) about writing and editing. I was really impressed with the young men and women there: they seemed engaged in the talk and asked some intriguing questions. I wanted to address a couple of their questions here because I thought it was a topic that many struggle with.

  • How do you get an audience to care about characters?
  • How do you write characters/descriptions so the reader feels their experiences?

Continue reading